How To Exit Your Energy Dependence


Today I want to talk about exit.

Specifically, exiting your dependence on governments for energy and water. But first, it’s important to know why having an exit option is valuable. Throughout history, people with authority have often abused their powers to seize assets, limit movement, or otherwise restrict citizens from doing certain things.

And in a period of serious tension, people are once again being limited in what they can do.

Yesterday I talked with a good friend of mine, Ben Sullins, about how to reduce dependency on the electrical grid and the local water supply in case you need to exit the system.

You can listen to my full conversation with Ben Sullins here, and below I’ve mentioned a few products that can help you build a more sustainable lifestyle that reduces your dependence on third parties.

Water Dependence

Everyone needs readily available water access. A few days without water is about all humans can handle. And for most people in America this isn’t a problem. But lots of America’s homes are built in areas that don’t naturally have a flow of clean drinking water. So how do you safely exit your dependence on your town’s water supply if necessary?

High Priced Option

Hydropanels are off-grid solutions that can create water using the moisture in the air and sunlight. They look just like solar panels, and on a sunny day can provide between 12 and 20 bottles of clean drinking water. 

ZeroMass Water makes one set for roughly $6,000.

Low Priced Option

LifeStraw is the product that turns unsanitary water into clean drinking water by filtering out all bacteria, parasites, and microplastics. It’s portable and lasts for upwards of 4,000 litres of water filtered (5 years for a typical person). 

The Lifestraw only costs about $20.


Solar panel and battery prices continue to dramatically decrease every single year. They’re already feasible off-grid solutions for people living in warm and sunny climates, and are quickly becoming feasible for the colder regions of America too. Below are two easy solutions to help you eliminate your dependence on grid energy.

High Priced Option

Tesla’s Solar Roof + Powerwall combination is tough to beat. It’s a turnkey solution that can scale to provide a full home with all the energy it needs on a daily basis. For electric car owners, the bonus is that this system can also charge your car.

Tesla’s energy solutions will cost thousands of dollars (depending on home size).

Low Priced Option

A solar phone charger is helpful in emergency situations when you don’t have access to the electrical grid. These chargers have a built-in battery pack, and can store more than enough power to charge all the phones in a family of 4.

This one costs $30.